Sander Meisner

Sander Meisner uses a film medium format camera to create stunning images, in his own words:

"I am a self-taught photographer (Amsterdam, 1979) living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
I photograph the sleeping infrastructure of the urban environment, shooting in the middle of the night I often going out at ten or eleven, photographing until sunrise. I photograph when everybody is asleep, and sometimes it's so quiet it is as if the city itself is asleep.
I tend to go to the outer regions of a city, to the more industrial and commercial areas to shoot. These areas are similar in any city. That's part of the reason why they interest me so much, everybody recognises them for what they are, yet nobody likes them.
By night, people often feel a lot of places become quiet sinister, but if you look deeper, the night creates a lot of beauty in places that aren't considered beautiful. The colors, shadows and transformation of texture and geometric appearance of a lot of places at night can dramatically increase their beauty. People fear the dark, but when photographed with long shutter speeds the dark turns out to be both very colorful and pretty."
He is represented by the Brandt Gallery in Amsterdam.

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