Sun Glitters

For those that don't know you can you sum it up for them?

My name is Victor Ferreira, I live in Luxembourg and I’ve been performing under the Moniker Sun Glitters since March 2011.

You've had a pretty busy year, with releases and live dates, what's been the highlight so far?

The highlight so far is for sure the Buzz I'm having all around the world in several platforms, it is giving me the chance
to live my dream and who knows, maybe it might be a full time job one day ;)

You released a split with halls, how did this come about and any plans for future collaborations?

To be honest, I can't remember exactly how this collab started... But what I do know, is that I discovered halls on his Bandcamp and fell in love with his sound from one listen! He’s a great guy! I had the pleasure of talking with him at the Binnacle Festival in London where we both performed.

The artwork for your releases features your own photography. The imagery fits the music really well, is this done along the same time as recording or once the record is completed?

Thanks for your kind words! It depends, I actually have a large stock of pictures... However, I often choose the picture(s) after the songs are finished.

What have been your favorite releases/New artists this year?

There are a lot! But I really like Burial (Street Halo), Holy Other (With U), Balam Acab (Wander/Wonder), Clams Casino (Instrumentals) and many many more!

What have you planned for the next year?

Playing shows and festivals and looking forward for my new album!

Any chance of a Christmas single?

There are still several projects open and still in process like this tribute to Mazzy Star that should come out for Christmas. It's a project curated by Jaxart Records.
There are some remixes and some collaborations also waiting to be released...

The new Sun Glitters remix EP is now available from his bandcamp page, you can pay what you want, so GET IT!


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