So who is Warm Thighs and how long have you been producing music?

My name is Warm Thighs. More people possibly know me as _lip. 22 pound cat? I make weird beat instrumentals from
time to time and recently I've run a little digi-label called SLF Tapes.

I've not been doing the Warm Thigh's alias very long... Maybe 3-4 months max. It started when I was visiting my ex-girlfriend in Finland. We were coming up with cheesey ass alias/DJ names when she came up with the name DJ Warm Thighs.

That night I couldn't sleep so I ended up making a bunch of tracks on the SP-404 which started the whole Warm Thighs sound.

It's all because of my ex-girlfriend really... The whole sound and conceptually everything I put into Warm Thighs.

No one totally knows about the meaning/motivation behind the music save a few random ass people on soundcloud hahaha! I think my ex was a bit offended I stole her name actually.

SLF Tapes on the otherhand, started maybe one month ago. 1.5 max! Its actually super newish.

It was a spontanious decision, the whole blog and digi-label, despite wanting to run a site like this for a ages.

I started it off with a few Warm Thighs songs... "Warm Thighs 2". I ended up hating the songs but that isn't relevant. I was quite pleased how people responded to contributing and word got around to some cool people.

I got some weird emails as well.

You say some cool people are involved in slf, who in total contributes?
Do you all have equal input or do you decide if shit gets hosted? Are you a media mogul?

Well in reality, I've been managing everything. My homie Exaveyur I call my "Executive Associate" because we have frequent skype "business meetings" about various ideas or plans for SLF. He's asked a few people to contribute as well.

All the artwork, website crap, organisation and just about everything has been under my supervision and doing. Nothing too complicated though, I've just asked people to make a tape, they send me the mp3, I do all the artwork and put it up under SLF tapes and promote it a bit.

I've told a few people I have the ability to do a cassette release and did already invest in a fair amount of blank flat white cassettes, but no one has done enough tracks to fill it all yet haha! Most the people I know make 1 min tracks max anyways...

So far, a lot of people have agreed to contribute, a few people are maybes and I probably can't say who they are...

There's a long list of names in general... The list on the side of the website actually needs updating... I'll say everyone I'm allowed to that are buddies so to say of SLF.

Exaveyur, Culprit, Dpee, Nippletapes, Chushi, cy18291, Jalen, Parkerstewart, Dil Withers, Wednesday, Wodoo Wolcan, 1618, Vxlam... I think that's it, I might be forgetting someone, NOTHING PERSONAL.

Also there's a 100 percent chance someone will contribute under a different name because of... traditional reasons.

So there is hopefully going to be some physical releases at some point. Its a bit of a world wide affair then, was it through soundcloud you found the others? You've all got a similar feel to your stuff, was this just a meeting of like minds or a planned style?

Yeah, maybe...

I'm not a big fan of soundcloud, but it IS how I met all these people and even got my name out.

As to people thinking SLF was all the same person, I'm really alarmed. I've been listening to all these people so much I can tell everyone apart from each other so precisely. All of us can. Most the people I know, we can just immediately know who is who if some cat is trying to hide behind an alias and shit.

I won't lie, I was really careful who I asked regarding SLF. It was originally supposed to be a genre specific label and all SP dirty lofi. A little cave for random tapes and aliases people wanted to throw away and forget about it without giving their name away.

In present time SLF has kinda come to a stop, all of us are busy with life, I think. I'll have SLF in mind, and unlike all the similar projects we've started and tore down like the MAGIC KAMEN collective, I don't want to kill SLF.

I'm still going to do music as Warm Thighs, but SLF will probably be off and on infrequently.

You can check out all the Warm Thighs and other SLF releases on their website and make sure you go and see Warm Thighs supporting Shlohmo at the Green Door Store, Brighton on Feb 1st 2012

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