So first of who the hell are you guys? how did chill mega chill get started?

We're chill mega chill records. CMC is actually two guys. Me (Tripp) and Ian we both had a desire to help bands we felt deserved attention but were struggling to get their music heard by the masses but we also wanted to create a brand that felt unique on to itself something that represented how we wanted to accomplish things.

So you feel that the design side of the label is just as important as the music you release?

Of course, we obviously don't supply the music, but we create a product that simultaneously acts as an extension of musical taste and represents a tangible product for the user to consume

So how much say do you guys have over the design of the tapes you release?

A lot... we basically ask the artist if they have anything in mind (or pre-made)... if not, then we typically get full creative control, on the design that is.

Being so involved in the design side of things do you have any plans to branch out into other forms of media?

As opposed to tapes?

Like the chiller video for example?

Well, we are currently preparing/finalizing our first vinyl project which we're really excited about

Is it a new artist or one you have already released?


(Fingers crossed its a repress of the ricky eat acid tape!)

I think we are in a place to start doing some represses, we originally did all the dubbing ourselves but this became way too labor intensive and starting getting them done by a professional production co.

So would that be the reason behind the limited numbers or was that already the plan for the label?

Yes, dubbing 50 tapes is hard! time-consuming and unfortunately i'm starting med school in the fall and won't have that kind of time to devote to dubbing tapes :) well fortunately for me, unfortunate for the label but no worries, we plan on running strong :) another reason to stream line the process

You seem to have started off with a strong group of artists, how did you go about getting stuff to release?

Well, when I talked with ian initially, we both presented artists that we were wanting to work with, me: galapagos and ian: ricky eat acid

Working with someone else must lead to the odd argument about what to release, or are you pretty similar in tastes?

No arguments at all! we totally vibe off eachother

Do you try and vary the type of artists you release, or just relese what ever the hell you like?

No need to vary... we just ask whoever we love. The music we listen to just happens to be pretty varied.

Is there any profit in this or is it a straight up for the love of it type label? as you guys seem to have a pretty steady flow of releases

So one might think we get profit but actually we tune or expenses and profit just right as to keep a steady release flow, while looking ahead for bigger and better creative projects to tackle. so yes we do see a slight profit from our releases however it all goes to the next release and stickers, button.
soon: tshirts

Good to see people are there for the music first


With such heavy involvement in the design do you have any plans to branch out into designing for other artists/labels?

Hmmmmm no plans
I mean we do things to help out other friends but merely small website stuff, like an image here or there but nothing big. ian probably does a bit more.

Do you guys have a background in art or design or just something you enjoy doing?

No background for me, just enjoy it, kind of picked it up. always been a creative person really.

Either you or ian make music? and if so will we ever hear any of it on chill mega?

haha I used to play a lot of instruments back in the day. Drums, saxophone, guitar however, once I graduated and started real life all those things sort of faded. so in short, I couldn't see putting out any music on cmc, not sure bout Ian

So no soft rock/smooth jazz project from you then?

Haha no

Any other labels or artists you hyping at the moment?


Anyone our readers should check out? if anyone reads this that is

I'm really really really into sloslylove right now and their recent v-day release secret dreams we'd love to work with them, at least I would.

Any upcoming releases you can tell us about?

Yeah, we're gearing up for our next two releases
hips and houndsds, those will be ready real soon

Limited numbers again or have theses been dubbed by a company?

Professionally done :) only 50 though

Whats your personal favourite tape released by yourselves?

Haha they're all great! every release has been a unique experience and it's been fun to learn and grow with each tape. They're all of equal importance in my book and thus equal love

Very diplomatic answer

How about you? What's been your favorite?

Ricky Eat Acid is the first I heard from you guys and my favourite

Haha most excellent, well let's just say that there's more fun stuff for you

Now that you have a good roster of artists any plans to do some live events? Maybe a chill mega chill mini fest?

Hmmm hadn't thought about that, but yeah!



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