Peter Currie

Where are you from/based now?

Nova Scotia, Canada - 20 years old.

What is your background in photography? What got you started?

What got me into shooting photos was skateboarding, and the culture that surrounds it. Reading skate magazines like Transworld, and Thrasher growing up, and just the curiosity of it all. Then shooting experimental rolls of film through my dads old SLR. Which snowballed from 35mm, to medium format, and it's been escalating ever since. As for formal experience, not much. Just learning through the internet, and experimentation really. Though I'll be attending Concordia University this fall for photography - so that will be a huge step in learning, hopefully for the better.

What equipment do you use?

For my 35mm photos, I use a Minolta X-370, but the majority of my work is shot with a Pentax 6x7 - and just recently I added a Mamiya RB67 to the collection.

What is your creative process, do you plan what you want to shoot or is it more spontaneous?

It is mainly spontaneous. Sometimes I'll plan lists of photos I'd like to try and find, or keep some form of theme going. But other than that it's just my camera, in my car at all times to stop where ever, for whatever.

What drives you to keep taking photos?

For me, I like having hard copy evidence of things that are going on, whether it be past or present, so that's a big part of all this. Which is why I prefer film, over digital. Sure you can print a digital photo, and it becomes hard evidence you can hold, or show. But with film, it's just the idea of the negatives - and physically making the picture.

Who or what Inspires you?

There is countless photographers that could be named, but right now anything large format I'm really down for. I've always been a huge fan of , and fellow Canadian, Edward Burtynsky. His Manufactured Landscapes pictures/documentary is just too good. And actually another Canadian, out of Calgary, named Stephen Harper. Just daily life too, just to keep going with this.

Are you working on a project at the moment?

Right now, just shooting, and getting stoked on the coming summer here on the East Coast. I'm really trying to get to Cape Breton eventually as well, to shoot a series on the Highlands, but everything is up in the air. Also I've put together something with my ongoing experiences in Wentworth, Nova Scotia, called 'A Valley'. This is just something to add onto all the time, nothing extremely formal just yet. Other than that, just going to continue on with it. Stay positive, and try and make some decent photographs.


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