Mono Lisa

How long you been doing this music thing?
I've been recording as Mono Lisa since June 2011. 

How did you get into making the music you make as Mono Lisa?
It started out as an audio diary, and in a way I guess it still is. I would record everything: walks outside, conversations, sounds from outside the window, etc. I was living in Seattle, Wa and didn't know anyone in the city besides the girl I was living with. All I had was too much free time, a synthesizer, and an acoustic guitar. With that lack of equipment I became heavily interested in mixing, so I started making sound collages on audacity.  Later in the year I moved back to Southaven, MS, my home town. My best friend joined the navy, and kindly gave me his samplers because he is really supportive of my work and said I'd be better off with them. 

You seem to have found a good group of similar artists (blithe field etc) to tour with, release with etc, how'd you guys get in touch? 
Spencer and I have been friends since we were around 14-15.  I'm 20 yrs old now. We met on a popular anime forum. Having a similar taste in music, we started swapping recordings and making songs together through AIM messenger, and I eventually moved out to Ohio where we played shows together for awhile...The tour is something we'd always promised to do together, and I'm glad we were able to! 

You recently said you might stop making music under the mono Lisa alias after your upcoming pouple mort release, what's the reasoning behind this?
mono lisa will be over after this album release.

Will you continue to make and release music under different aliases? Of different genres?
hahaha, I have about 20 bandcamps and different aliases already. I'm sure I'll always have different recordings & performances under separate names going on. It's kind of an obsession of mine to have so many outlets.  Plus, I love playing music with others!!

You say you have an obsession with having so many outlets. Is this because you have a need to keep busy or just dig making music so much?
I enjoy playing all types of music, and for awhile I'd have to record everything I played, regardless of genre. for years i had a new bandcamp page up, with halfassed artwork, and jams from the current style I was playing in. I could say it kept me busy, and I love making music, but I have trouble with devoting everything into music because i get reclusive.  currently I'm making conscious efforts to record less and listen more. 

Is the decision to kill off Mono Lisa because you've gone as far as you can with it musically or something else?
interesting you say 'kill off'. i started recording as Mono Lisa to devote all my time into music. literally all my time. I compulsively recorded hours of sound daily, in  fear of losing something "perfect". DW was made in two days, whereas Vision Engineering focused on compositions more diligently over the course of four months.
I'm already looking back at Vision Engineering as an adolescent plea. it's an intense record. 

I saw you did a few tapes of diamond wing, any other plans to release any of your other recordings on tape or vinyl? 
I have a 10" record with Poulpe Mort to be released march3rd 2013. all 500 copies will be pressed on white vinyl. 200 ltd copies will have a pop-up book insert, and excellent artwork my friend Wyatt Grant made. the standard pressings will have work by another artist, who did two covers for it.
..............i wont speak too soon on any other things i'm working on................

How's the 10" going? How does it sounds in comparison to your other releases?
it's been done since october! prepare for distorted guitars, thrashing, organs, organs, organs, and a lot of love!!!

Poulpemort Label 

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