Sebastian Reiser

Where are you from/based now?

I grew up in a small village in upper Austria and I moved to Graz (Austria) about 4 years ago.

What is your background in Photography? What got you started?

I started taking pictures in 2007 when I bought my first DSRL camera and from that day on I never stopped.

What equipment do you use?

I always have one of my 35mm cameras with me. Mostly my Yashica T4 or my new Contax T2. The Mamiya 7 is one of my most important tools and my favourite camera. This thing is pretty perfect for me. But I've always wanted to shoot large format and I am still saving money for a large format camera, someday...

What are your feelings on Film Vs Digital?

In the last years it becomes more important for me to shoot only on film. I like the whole process like choosing what kind of film, loading the next film and I like the smell of film and the noise of the camera. It makes it more real for me. I've never become a big fan of digital cameras because I have never found my workflow with it. Of course it's a bit expensive shooting film but knowing there is a limit of photos in one roll makes me carefully consider each frame and that's it why I love shooting film.

Do you have a creative process? Are your shots planned or spontaneous?

I depends on what I want to photograph. Mostly it is spontaneous. But in the last time I really like it to create something. But sometimes when I see some place, I want to photograph it, I already have the finished image in my mind and I just have to make the photo.

Who or what inspires you?

Puh, I think pretty much everything. But I really like it looking on other photographers websites or on flickr, ... There are so many really good photographers out there!

Is there a particular photographer, site, set of images or a photo book
that you keep coming back to for inspiration?

I spend a lot of time looking at new photographs on web daily and I have a huge set of photographers websites bookmarked in my browser and I guess this is one of my inspiration source. I have never started buying photo books because I know when I start I could never stop collecting photo books I like. This would unfortunately blow up my wallet ;)

Are you working on a project at the moment?

I am working on different long-time projects right now. I have some ideas for shooting a portrait series, that is really new for me but I will try it. Another project is shooting a short film with a friend who is writing screenplays.

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