Alan Thoburn

Where are you from/based now?

I am based in the north east of England.

What is your background in Photography? What keeps you interested?

I studied photography in Newcastle in the mid 1990's. I am interested in many kinds of photography.

What equipment do you use?

I mainly use a Fuji X100s and a Nikon D700.

What do you look for when you are out shooting?

I tend to look for interesting scenes, things or people. Often with some narrative value. I always think things look good in dull, flat light.

How often do you go out shooting?

I go out shooting at least once a week, every day if I'm free.

Is there a particular photographer, site, set of images or a photo book that you keep coming back to for inspiration?

I like a lot of the stuff featured on Flak Photo. I like loads of photographers, Paul graham, Eggleston, Robert Adams, Raymond Moore to name a few.

Are you working on a project at the moment? Are you planning on exhibiting any work in the near future?

I'm working on a project on horses at the moment, hopefully leading to an exhibition.

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